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Whether you huddle, break out or meet we are taking a fresh look at work space design and improving it for human wellbeing. Fusion Spaces nourish the senses and inspire creativity and productivity. Increasing wellbeing through innovation and cutting edge thoughtful design. Well-being’s are at the heart of our business”

Michael and Jayne Cox — Fusion Spaces Founders

26 billion

is the cost to UK businesses or £1,035 per employee for mental health absences.

15.2 million

days of health related absence were caused by mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

1 in 4

people will experience a mental health problem in any given year.

Together with our Fusionaries, the visionary like-minded specialists who work along side us, we are changing one human space at a time.

Fusion Spaces design, consult and deliver complete solutions, with wellbeing in mind. From making meeting rooms better to improving the spaces of health, learning and living, any space can become a fusion space.

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Well beings and a healthier planet are at the heart of our business.

Michael and Jayne Cox | Founders of Fusion Spaces