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Friday buzz and a walk in the park…

Friday buzz and a walk in the park…

The summer holidays are in full swing and Fusion Spaces are taking a gentle free range stroll approach to blogging until September.

We will be sharing weekly round ups of what interests us and perhaps a post or two that you may have missed.  Nothing too loud to disturb your summer rest, relaxation and fun in the outdoors. You know that we believe taking time out and unplugging is a #NoBrainer.

Our weekly round-up…

  • Summer is an abundant time for buzzing insects and bites for that matter. So are insects fans of our switch to LED’s?
  • Human Spaces have published their biophilic guide to London. Join us and take a journey through London’s biophilic spaces and re-connect to nature.
  • Our friends at multi-comfort invited us to write about acoustics this month. We were delighted to share our ideas for improving open plan office acoustics.

Have a wonderful weekend and make time for the great outdoors.


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Posted Friday, July 28, 2017

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