The Fusion Spaces Story

Michael and Jayne Cox founded Fusion Spaces as a response to serious health challenges in their lives. Life changing events can change your perspective and it was through these difficult times that they shared a deep understanding of how a space can impact both physical and psychological health.

Their purpose, drive and determination is to make a difference to people who live at work and to change how businesses perceive their workspaces.

Woman sitting on a wooden bench with a take-away coffee cup reading a Fusion Spaces book and a tweeting bird perched nearby

In their respective fields of AV/Tech and Therapy/Coaching/Stress Management Consultancy, spanning 40 years between them, they saw a huge problem. Spaces designed for work that didn’t meet the basic fundamental needs of the humans using them.

Combining their fields of expertise they looked at how technology and AV could be part of improving mental health within the workplace, reducing stress and anxiety and being fit for purpose.

They also wanted solutions to be sustainable, not left hidden behind closed doors, unused and unloved.

Fusion Spaces have also scoured the globe for like minds and innovative products that can address other wellbeing issues within the workplace and would love to hear from anyone interested in collaborating to help make a difference to intensively farmed humans.

People are at the heart of what Fusion Spaces do.

Integrity, attention to detail and the ability to creatively innovate and help to breathe life into each project, is the reason clients choose to work with them.

Michael and Jayne decided to focus on meeting rooms in the first instance and have since expanded their vision to small to medium Workspaces.  These spaces need to encourage ideas generation, solution finding and collaboration. Yet these spaces are often dull and lifeless with technology that overwhelms the end users or simply doesn’t meet their day to day needs.

The results are there for all to see, spaces that don’t support the human animal. Spaces where absenteeism, presenteeism, mental health issues, stress and burnout are the norm.


A Fusion Space Work space humans to nature and is designed for the people who are at the heart of every successful business. Every design carefully considering human needs and functionality for both its purpose and the impact on the end users wellbeing.

A core belief of Fusion Spaces is that it’s time to move away from intensive farming working conditions and embrace a free range approach. The result is a less stressed and motivated work force who feel more creative and productive.

Fundamentally Fusion Spaces are a call to action and a conversation starter, as highlighted by the media and organisations like the national charity Mind and City Mental Health Alliance.

This fresh approach to design will consider all generations. Supporting the wellbeing of current and future talent and helping to retain it.

It doesn’t stop there. In the future Fusion Spaces will look at changing health spaces, learning spaces and of course, homes.

Michael, Jayne and their Fusionaries look forward to speaking to you about creating your bespoke Fusion Spaces.