What is SSP?  It is essentially a reset button for the nervous system, which uses scientifically developed music therapy to regulate and reduce stress. It is delivered via an app, headphones and practitioner guided and supervised timed sessions. 

Why does it work?  As humans our nervous system is constantly scanning our environment to make sure we are safe. High and low frequencies can trigger our fight of flight response making us feel we are in danger. SSP uses different music frequencies to challenge our inner ear muscles. This calms us down.

How does it work?  The frequencies used in the filtered music also tone up the inner ear muscles, as they become slack over time. It is just like toning up muscles in the gym. It works in just five hours and you will see and feel a dramatic change in anxiety and stress levels.

Why should I try it?  It has been developed by scientist Dr Stephen Porges who established the Polyvagl Theory. Basically, it has years of research and proven results behind it.

How do I start this process?  An initial complimentary consultation is required to assess suitability then your SSP session can be booked for you to experience at home. As a therapy process it doesn’t re-trigger painful events as only a basic outline of your situation is required.

Safe and Sound Protocol

The benefits include:

Reducing sensory sensitivities

Improves learning

Improves communication, concentration and motivation

Good for mental health and wellbeing

Aids the neurodiverse

Good foundation for other therapies

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