The world of AV has changed and now considers human experience to be an integral part of what we do.

Science and AV integration now work together to improve wellbeing at work.

Some of the main areas are explored in the articles below.


Explore Science and AV integration further:


Natural daylight is essential to our wellbeing as it helps with our body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Professor Jo Silvester and Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou from the City University of London explores ‘Lighting, well-being and performance at work’.


Technology has a big impact on health and wellbeing at work.

Explore how staff are struggling to switch off thanks to technology plus it considers the stress caused by technology not working.


Temperature is a very individual and subjective topic and it can make people very uncomfortable at work.

The extremes of temperature are discussed and what can be done.


Poor acoustics is a huge distraction at work, plus it is a major cause of stress. Even a simple conversation breaks concentration.

12 areas where poor acoustics is a big issue.

Autism and PTSD

For some people who have additional needs, such as those with PTSD or on the autism spectrum, technology can be applied to make sure the work environment doesn’t cause unnecessary sensory overload and stress.

Technology working with autism is explored.

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields influence the human body just as they influence any other material made up of charged particles. When at work, employees are surrounded by electronic devices which can impact on wellbeing.

The biological effects are explored.


Biophilia design is to reconnect people with nature as it helps reduce stress in the workplace.

Benefits of biophilia.

Air Quality

Poor air quality can impact on the health, comfort, and productivity of employees at work.

Explore how it can be improved.


Sleeping on the job used to be considered a no no, however recent research has shown the importance of sleep to enhance performance at work.

This article explores how it is now becoming acceptable to have a nap at work and the science behind it.

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