Using innovative technologies to improve workplace wellbeing.

Every office, meeting room or workplace uses technology. Making that as stress-free as possible and healthy for the end-user is what drives us.

We understand AV technologies inside out, but we also understand health and wellbeing at work – and it’s that combination which is unique and essential.

Recent examples of solutions identified for clients include:



Cutting edge, innovative technology for gathering data and affording privacy.



Is a new package offering from Fusion Spaces which integrates technology to allow for meditation in a space, colour tuning of lights, provides tips on managing stress and anxiety. Helplines and further support can be accessed through interactive technology.


Operations centres

These more specialised centres have benefited from the addition of cloaking technology and the installation of award winning Barco UniSee video walls, featuring our bespoke vision wall surround. Technology and software are tailored to our clients' unique requirements and integrated, seamlessly.


Without walls

Integrates natural sounds into a space. This coupled with biophilic design, living walls, circadian 'human-centric' lighting and acoustic treatments through collaboration with our Fusionaries provides soothing surroundings.

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