Maintaining your audio visual technology and wellbeing systems.

Keeping your technology in tip-top condition is essential to keep your business operating efficiently and to avoid costly downtime. It also massively reduces stress and anxiety at work when everything is running smoothly.


Let us support your business with:

Bi-yearly preventative audio visual maintenance

Cleaning and dust removal

Free replacement interconnects

Professional video system calibration

Professional audio system tune up

Repairs or replacement of damaged cables

Software/firmware updates

Complete system function tests

Anytime service calls

Rapid response service calls

Independent advice on technical solutions and likely costs if further work is required

Call us to discuss the best maintenance package for your business on 0203 326 9260

To learn more about our WorkFree™ consultancy and assessment, please contact us.

“Problems are not stop signs.

They are guidelines.”

Robert H. Schuller

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