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Mark Payne-Gill filming tadpoles

Lockdown wildlife under a lens

As a wildlife cameraman, there’s no escaping it requires a lot of travelling, searching for exotic and unusual animal stories to film, for the most iconic wildlife TV series. These include Attenborough’s Life of Birds, Life of Mammals, Blue Planet, ...
Healthy diet healthy mind

That gut feeling

Your gut is an amazingly complex world, which is so much more than simply a place for digestion. Housing 70% of our immune system, the gut hosts a high-level network of cells known as our gut-associated lymphoid tissue. It makes ...
Remote working

Many healthy returns

The workplace is no-longer the traditional office for many. Organisations are challenged by the need to embrace new ways of physically working: planning space, maintaining higher standards of hygiene, enabling teams to work effectively together and recognising that home working ...
Wild flower

Gardening for wildlife

Pandemics, climate change and the ecological crisis dominate the headlines. Most would agree that the time has come to do something about it. But where do we start? While patiently waiting for robust policymaking, there are plenty of opportunities to ...

Connecting to nature comes naturally

It’s interesting that as we encourage businesses to consider improving workspaces for human wellbeing, we increasingly meet people who cannot imagine life without connecting to nature as part of their work life. They understand that they live at work and ...

Disconnect and reconnect

The practice of hygge for good health and wellbeing We call this #FreeRange living, at work. Which in simple terms means taking the time and effort to look at our current spaces and make these spaces more supportive to human ...

Living free range

We are delighted that Ieuan Compton has joined us to share his thoughts on free range living. This is his guest post for our #FreeRange at work series. Over to Ieuan… “I’ve only recently made the conscious connection between the things that ...

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