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Improving space

Keeping the hot-desking heebie jeebies at bay

When you mention the phrase ‘hot-desking’ to office workers it can send shivers down their spines. From a cool and calculating business perspective hot-desking can have a cost saving of up to 30%. The idea is to reduce the amount ...

Natural light brightens the corridor of forgetfulness

We know how important natural light is on human health and wellbeing at work. With 90% of our time now spent indoors, Fusion Spaces looks for the best in lighting innovation, with our solutions backed by robust research and science Field Studies ...

Pure spaces

Take a deep breath of fresh air and exhale evenly and slowly to enjoy the stress reducing benefits. Ah that’s better. Now was that air really fresh? The answer is no, it’s probably full of things that you’d rather not ...

Ambient spaces

Take a few minutes to stop and take notice of your surroundings. It’s easy to make this a mindful exercise, deepening your attention on what is around you and noticing how it makes you feel, think and behave. Do you ...

Sitting verses standing

At Fusion Spaces we’ve been researching work space wellbeing and watched with interest the ongoing debate about too much sitting and its impact on our health. Research shows that our health is at risk from sitting for long periods and ...

Increasing natural light in the workplace

The great outdoors is a space I find myself going to for creative thinking and to restore energy and to release tension after a busy day. I know I’m not alone and as human beings we tend to know what ...

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