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What does International Women’s Day mean to me?

On this, International Women’s Day, I’d like to consider age but in a positive light. I have been very fortunate to work for myself for over two decades and during that time, I have never let my age define me. ...

Finding your giraffes within the wonderful world of networking

Did you know that sheep and giraffes are both a species of Artiodactyla, cloven hoofed mammals and herbivores? But much more than that, the 'giraffes' in my world are visionaries and see opportunities. Often self-motivated they’ll have ideas and can ...

Mindful commuting

The daily commute - heaven or hell? The answer is probably not going to be heaven, however as this journey is often endured each and every day, we wonder, is there a way to make the commute a little more ...

Workplace wellbeing – Putting the care in career

Google workplace wellbeing and you’ll find page after page of references about how giving this consideration helps to increase productivity and is good for business. It’s great that human wellbeing is being increasingly seen as a priority consideration but what ...

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