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Fusion Spaces Avixa webinar

Human, not machine: balancing productivity with wellbeing

How do we balance the future of human wellbeing as we enter a new hybrid era of working from anywhere? We were recently invited by our partners and Fusionaries, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe to join Simon Hayes, Gunnar Kyvik ...
Gardening is good for your wellbeing

Grow your sense of wellbeing during Growing for Wellbeing Week

This week (1 – 7 June) is Growing for Wellbeing Week. The week highlights the huge benefits that gardening and growing your own can have for your mental health and wellbeing. Benefits of being at one with nature Gardening or ...
Tool kit for calm during Covid-19 pandemic

Staying calm during Covid-19

A global pandemic was never really what we had expected for 2020. The year 2020 has always been seen as that futuristic date where we would be travelling in spaceships and life would be transformed into a hi tech utopia. ...

The human animal and sound

Have you ever reacted to sounds around you in ways that you don’t understand? It might be trains passing through a station, or perhaps household appliances, a helicopter overhead, or lorries passing by. Has sound ever made you feel oddly ...

Neighbourly love: Wellbeing group activities

Wellbeing group activities are a brilliant way to build friendships, try new things and boost your health and wellbeing. From walking groups to wellbeing groups or even just going for a coffee with your neighbour, there’s something for everyone. Walking ...
Stress reduction

Six practical ways to reduce stress

We are living through some challenging times, and it's clear that many people are feeling fearful as they look to the future. We all have troubling and stressful thoughts at varying points throughout our lives. Learning ways to reduce stress ...
Wellbeing tips to overcome your mountain

Overcoming your mountain

International Mountain Day celebrates mountains and their delicate ecosystems. This day has inspired us to take a different look at mountains and ask the question – what is your mountain and how do you cope with it? Define a mountain ...
Recognising PTSD in the workplace for wellbeing

Recognising PTSD in the workplace

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is commonly associated with those who have served in the armed forces, however, PTSD can apply to anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. It could be an accident they were involved in or witnessed, ...

Meeting room to chill-out room

In the midst of a busy, stressful day, wouldn’t it be lovely to go somewhere to get out of the way and just stop and relax for a few moments? In a lot of work environments that simply isn’t possible ...

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