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This has been a year like no other in memory and it feels fitting as we approach the end of 2020, to reflect perhaps more deeply than we’ve ever done before. 


When, what seemed like something awful happening a long way away, became something awful happening right outside our front doors we had to adapt and change quickly. Change isn’t easy at the best of times but at the worst of times it brings challenges with it. We went online to work if we could, whilst others worked on the front line to feed us, serve us and keep us safe and well. 

Forced into new ways of connecting and physically distancing, many of us began to feel stressed and lonely. Most meetings moved online and we started to adapt to a new way of living, connecting and working.


Somehow, the globe seemed to shrink as we zoomed our way through spring and summer. We appreciated and began being grateful for our natural world like never before. And our new global opportunities to collaborate with like minds helped us to feel less isolated, becoming a form of business bonding as we shared our troubles, all the highs and lows. 

Yes, we discovered that collaboration is actually all around. 

So, this holiday season we wanted to say thank YOU for your kindness and support.  And, a heart-felt thank YOU to our Fusionaries, who’ve given us a sense of belonging and being part of a really awesome tribe. 

Away from the horrors of this year, we have  seen that when people come together, it’s possible to work towards a future for the good of humanity and our planet. 

Let’s continue to encourage, include and work together to build a brighter future for all and still be in it together next year. 

Merry Christmas!

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Jayne Cox

I am a wellbeing consultant for Fusion Spaces, which works alongside my private practice of Life Coaching and Stress Management Consultations. I’m passionate about helping people to thrive at work.

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