Ready to go free range at work?


Did you know that 90% of our time is spent indoors? That’s 21.6 hours out of 24, cooped up under artificial light, often in a controlled work environment. Is it time to go free range at work?

There’s something disturbingly familiar about being kept indoors to work, isn’t there?

So this Easter we have hatched a plan to encourage you to think about how you can be more free range at work.

It’s a simple idea, because we believe in things being kept simple. The simple fact is that human beings need to express their natural behaviours at work. This includes access to daylight, movement and feeling connected to nature.

Next week we’ll be featuring our first Free Ranger, Kate . We hope that her story will encourage other humans to go free range with Fusion Spaces and perhaps even share their commitment on our blog.

The nest, sorry next step is #FreeRangeBusiness. We’ll be actively encouraging the world of work to embrace free ranging practices. This means understanding that if we must spend time living/working indoors we need to carefully consider elements like light and air quality. As well as the importance of bringing a sense of nature indoors.

We believe it’s time to reduce the stress of working and being indoors. This can be achieved by making the indoors more like the outdoors. As well as harnessing what nature has and use it, for the benefit of human wellbeing.

Surely, it’s a #NoBrainer!

Oh and if you are a business ready to go free range and create meeting rooms that more closely mimic nature, with no stress tech… just get in touch.

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Jayne Cox

I am a wellbeing consultant for Fusion Spaces, which works alongside my private practice of Life Coaching and Stress Management Consultations. I’m passionate about helping people to thrive at work.

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