Fusion Spaces

At Fusion Spaces we start by asking a question, “how safe and comfortable do humans feel using your space?”

There are many design trends that come and go and endless innovations within technology. At Fusion Spaces we focus on the foundation of human wellness, creating a sense of safety and comfort within the design of a space. Unless people feel a sense of safety, they cannot remain fully present and mindfully in the moment, to interact effectively with others or their environment.

Human survival relies upon our senses, so we can provide consultancy and advise on how to humanise a space to create a calming environment that soothes and comforts the senses.

We always work from a trauma informed perspective, using neuroscience, the science of safety and Fusion Spaces 5 freedoms™ to underpin each project.

Fusion Spaces 5 Freedoms™

– Freedom to express natural behaviour

– Freedom to have access to natural light

– Freedom for acoustic, thermal and environmental comfort

– Freedom from stress, anxiety and mental suffering

– Freedom from discomfort

Fusion Spaces

Fusion Spaces works with organisations to provide:




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