Michael and Jayne Cox founded Fusion Spaces in answer to the spiraling mental ill health they saw in the workplace. They understood that this worrying trend required a change in attitudes and a bold fresh look at how working environments impacted wellbeing.

Michael Cox – Co-Founder and Fusionary

With over 20 year’s experience, from the ground up, within the audio visual industry, I’ve watched technology not only solve problems but create them.

For over a decade I’ve provided project management and consultancy within the F1 industry and it’s often necessary to simplify technology to meet the unique and exacting needs of Formula One championship winning teams.

As Technical Director and Co-Founder of Fusion Spaces I provide intelligent sustainable solutions to technological problems. My first consideration is the end user and the tasks in hand. I believe that by actively listening to our clients we can meet their needs. We can simplify solutions, reducing stress and waste thus increasing productivity, creativity and improving wellbeing.

In order to achieve this Fusion Spaces and our Fusionaries consider the elements of a space as if it were an eco system. Working together to provide a cohesive space.

Our vision at Fusion Spaces is to find solutions that are good for people and the planet.

Get to know me…
I like nature, environments, seasons, elements, technology, design, innovation, justice, spontaneity, disruptors, creativity, free thinking.

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Jayne Cox – Co-Founder and Fusionary

With almost 2 decades in private practice I provide Personal Coaching and Stress Management Consultations. I also work alongside Michael in Fusion Spaces with our innovative partners, the fusionaries, as the in house stress management and well-being’s consultant. I’m passionate about people and helping them to thrive and go free range.

Over the years I have seen the human impact of poor work life imbalance, with people being expected to be super heroes. From 24/7 connectivity to multi-tasking and working longer and longer hours, they are burning out in conditions not fit to sustain human life and wellbeing. Add to this sedentary lifestyles, juggling work, life and relationships and it’s a no brainer that stress and anxiety are increasingly the human norm.

The spaces we spend our time really can harm or heal and that is what’s unique about Fusion Spaces. Human wellbeing is at the heart of what we all do.

I believe that it’s a human-beings right to live and work in a state of wellness, both physically and mentally.

Get to know me…
I love creative thinking, problem solving, walking our dogs in nature, cosy hygge spaces, film, F1, music, like minds, snow, sunshine, christmas, nature, neuroscience, writing, our planet and life!

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