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When you walk into a room, pause to notice how it makes you feel. Does this space feel welcoming, comfortable and safe? Or does it perhaps give you a sense of danger and unease, this felt sense is called neuroception.

A primitive survival mechanism, neuroception lies below our consciousness designed to protect us and keep us safe. We are constantly scanning our environment for cues of safety or danger. What we experience on a daily basis matters and influences everything we do, how we feel, behave and respond to one another and our world.

Watch: Understanding our human nervous system under stress


From attending a hospital appointment or clinical treatment to the experience of travel, learning, work and of course home, neuroception is at work to keep us safe.

Experiential wellness solutions offer a unique, compassionate and passive intervention that can help to soothe and comfort those suffering from debilitating mental health symptoms, such as traumatic responses, stress and anxiety. Bypassing cognition, experiential wellness soothes at a sensory level, swiftly calming a dysregulated nervous system and helping people return to a calmer state, or homeostasis.

With our trusted technical and creative partners, we can create innovative, and science backed wellness experiences, in any space that humans spend their time.

Discover our range of technology and wellbeing consultancy services

Discover our range of technology and wellbeing consultancy services

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