With our creative partners and immersive experience specialists Pixel Artworks, I used my extensive trauma and anxiety knowledge to help create Room to Breathe, the world’s first free immersive ‘box breathing’ mindfulness experience, located at Tottenham Court Road, in Outernet London.

"Anxiety and stress often changes the way we breathe, with our breath often becoming rapid and shallow, resulting in heightened anxiety and becoming ‘stuck’ in a state of fight or flight. Learning and regularly implementing a simple breathing technique reduces anxiety by helping us to have more control over our breath. Once learnt, these techniques become a ‘tool’ that support us anywhere, whether we are on the move or at home"

Jayne Cox

We know from experience that our fast-paced lives are filled with high levels of stress and anxiety, so let us help you to bring unique and unforgettable, calm and comforting immersive experiences to your customers, visitors and employees.


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