The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a powerful digital sound-based listening therapy. It is designed to help regulate the nervous system and reduce stress, so you can feel more comfortable and calmer within yourself, with others and the world around you.

How does the SSP work?
Our nervous system uses primitive survival mechanisms to scan and monitor our environment to ensure we are safe. The pressures of day to day life and difficult life stories can cause us to be constantly in a state commonly known as fight or flight. The SSP uses specially filtered sound frequencies and evidence-based algorithms backed by decades of scientific research, returning the nervous system to the more regulated state of rest and digest.

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How do I start this process?
You can contact me to discuss your situation, in confidence. I have been a qualified SSP practitioner and amongst the first in the UK, since 2019. We can then arrange a consultation to assess suitability and take things from there.

Who is the SSP suitable for?
I offer the SSP to adolescents and adults, subject to an assessment. You can be referred by your coach or therapist or contact me directly.

As a listening therapy, the SSP is a passive and soothing intervention.
It can be helpful in so many ways.

Reducing sound sensitivities

Stress and anxiety reduction

Improved learning outcomes

Supports communication, concentration, and motivation

Positively impacts mental health and wellbeing

An aid for the neurodiverse

A good foundation for other therapies

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Safe and Sound Protocol

Delve deeper into the benefits of the Safe and Sound Protocol and learn how you can better connect with yourself, others and the world around you.


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Discover our range of technology and wellbeing consultancy services

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