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More than ever, we are aware of the need to prioritise not just our physical health but our mental health. We need to create space and time outside of the home for rest, self-care, and quiet focussed time in work, learning, airports, and clinical settings, in fact any spaces where people spend time.

“Mental health is a lot more than the absence of illness: it is an intrinsic part of our individual and collective health and wellbeing.” World mental health report 2022, WHO.


Over the past few years, wellness rooms have become popular. From our clients’ experience they can remain unused or not meet the needs of the people who use them because sensory comfort has not been considered and there is also a stigma around their use.

So, we have taken a different approach to offering people some breathing space as they go about their day, Comfort Spaces™.

These multi-functional and sensory spaces can be used for privacy, to work or to support wellness and only the occupant needs to know.

Multi-sensory comfort spaces

Technically enhanced environment, providing comfort and improving wellbeing.

Human-centric lighting and biophilic design.

On-demand soundscapes and immersive visuals for sensory and emotional support.

A space for privacy, calm, stress reduction and anxiety management.

An alternative working space for quiet, focused work or increased flow state.

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