Immersive experiences allow you to connect to your audience on a deeply emotional and sensory level and we can help you to bring awe and wonder to your project by providing the very best in specialist knowledge and technical solutions.

With or without an existing space we can provide consultancy to take you from initial design, procurement and project management to the completion of the build.

If you are looking for innovative experiential wellness content and its multi-sector usage, discover more about Room to Breathe.

What is Room to Breathe?

Designed to bring about a sense of calm and comfort, this unique and mindful wellness experience first launched at Outernet London in July 2022. Tested in lab conditions, 84% of the subjects felt Room to Breathe helped them to relax and de-stress.

Room to Breathe is now available for license across the globe, with new wellness content planned and bespoke options available.

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