Turnkey control room fit-out services

We offer a complete control room fit-out service, from the procurement process, to design, project management and delivery of a full working control room.

Overseeing complete turnkey solutions, we use a trusted network of contractors and technical engineers, with projects carefully co-ordinated by our innovative and experienced project management and installation team.

In addition, we can provide Fusion Spaces wellness design consultancy to help you improve the sense of safety and comfort for your team, within their work space.

Team of Professional Computer Data Science Engineers Work on Desktops with Screens Showing Charts, Graphs, Infographics, Technical Neural Data and Statistics. Low Key Control and Monitoring Room.

Tom Castle, Global Lead at Global Security Operations Centre, Google

“Michael and Jayne have been a constant source of inspiration and drive during the creation of Google's Regional Security Operations Centre in London. They listen to the businesses needs and provide thoughtful and modern solutions which reflect the culture of the company whilst respecting the nature of the work. I would highly recommend them!"

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