Fusion Spaces is an innovative AV, technology and wellness consultancy, focusing on utilising the latest advancements in audio visual technology and solutions to relieve stress, anxiety and human suffering.

Compassion is at the heart of all of our projects, from AV - utilising the very latest advancements in technology - to psychology and neuroscience informed solutions, for the management and understanding of stress, anxiety, and trauma.

The brainchild of Michael and Jayne Cox, and in response to their own life experiences, they work together to support human health using technological innovation and defining the often-complex problems that humans now face.

Collaborating with their highly specialised and creative partners, Fusion Spaces offer long term solutions, one space at a time. Helping humans to feel and live well, as they consult and advise, creating spaces and experiences that support psychological health, safety and wellbeing.

Jayne Cox

Having spent 25 years providing eating disorder therapy, trauma and neuroscience informed stress and anxiety coaching, co-founding Fusion Spaces was a natural progression for me. Moving into a consultancy role has given me an opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience to a wider audience, pushing the boundaries of current thinking and connecting and creatively collaborating with like minds. 

I also bring my lived experience of trauma and my ongoing research and professional training in the fields of stress, trauma and digital sound therapy to my consultancy role within Fusion Spaces. 

I feel grateful we are both well and living our best life near the stunningly beautiful Northumberland Coast. I am proud to lead Fusion Spaces wellness consultancy into the future as we push the boundaries of what is possible, future gaze and provide thought leadership.

Michael Cox

In my AV career, spanning over two decades, I have been fortunate to work with global brands and build strong, long-standing relationships. 

I also bring many years of technical project management and consultancy to the fast-paced and exciting world of motorsport and F1. I particularly enjoy solving the more complex problems within this industry and sourcing solutions, my role is therefore varied and often adaptive. 

The future of how we can use sound and visual technology for health excites me, and alongside Jayne, I intend to be at the forefront of Fusion Spaces innovation and the leadership of using technology for good.  

I have always felt that my recovery from cancer gave me a much-needed wakeup call because I have had the opportunity to live well and re-evaluate my life. I also discovered why it was so important to take the time for my physical and psychological health.  

This is the ‘why’ behind Fusion Spaces. 

The Free Range Team

We believe in the rights and welfare of all animals, including humans, to live a natural, and free-range life.

Keeping us focussed, calm and connected to the great outdoors, in all weathers and disconnected from our technology, our team is completed by our family of dogs.
Fusion Spaces

Our Values


Listening is an art. We want to understand our clients’ needs, on every level. What are their problems and what do they want to achieve from working with us.


This is something that is earned, and respect underpins every project, with our clients and our trusted partners.


We live to learn, never standing still, but looking to the future and what we can bring to improve the lives of humans.
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