Fusion Spaces was co-founded by Michael and Jayne Cox. Together with an innovative team of technical and wellbeing specialists, we are committed to transforming all aspects of human wellbeing, allowing the people at the heart of your business to thrive and work well from anywhere.

Michael Cox

With over 20 years’ experience within the technology and audio visual industry, I’ve watched technology not only solve problems but create its own issues.

For over a decade I’ve provided project management and complex technical consultancy within the F1™ sector. The fast paced and demanding world of F1™ prepared Fusion Spaces to respond quickly to the global pandemic as we researched evidenced based solutions and formed new collaborations with innovative fusionaries.

As the Technical Director and co-founder of Fusion Spaces, I provide intelligent, creative and sustainable solutions to technological problems. We can supply simplified, integrated solutions, reducing stress and waste, thus increasing productivity, creativity and improving human wellbeing.

Our vision at Fusion Spaces is to find solutions that are good for people and the planet.

What is important to me:
Nature, environments, seasons, elements, technology, F1™, design, innovation, justice, spontaneity, disruptors, collaboration, creativity, music/vinyl, free thinking.
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Jayne Cox

I am the principal wellbeing consultant at Fusion Spaces, alongside my private practice of trauma, stress and personal development Coaching. I’m passionate about people and helping them to thrive and strive to go free range, where ever they work.

Over the past 2 decades in practice I have seen the harmful impact that stressful living and trauma has on human wellbeing. The global pandemic has brought trauma to many and opened our eyes to the battery hen lifestyle of the human worker.

Fusion Spaces' mission is to end factory farmed working and help humans go free range, where ever they work, office, home or hybrid. It’s important to me that Fusion Spaces is trauma informed, we work with this understanding and compassion at the core of our business.

What is important to me:
Creative thinking, problem solving, coaching, walking our dogs in nature, cosy hygge spaces, F1™, film, music, like minds and collaborations, snow, sunshine, Christmas, nature, neuroscience, polyvagal theory, writing, people who radiate, our planet, universe and life.
Jayne Cox co-founder of Fusion Spaces

Kenneth Freeman

Workplace Wellbeing and Design Consultant.
I have worked in the field of workplace wellbeing and design for 25 years, working as the head of innovation for a global B2B service company. Initially working as a researcher into how interior plants can be used to improve the indoor environment, through improvements to the physical space. I later looked into how they could be used as a way of improving psychological comfort, leading to greater wellbeing and better organisational performance. 

I was an early pioneer and proponent of biophilic design and started educating architects and interior designers about the subject over ten years ago.  My interests lie especially in understanding the human responses to environmental stimuli and creating spaces that engage with the senses rather than fight against them.

I have supervised many innovative research projects, often working with researchers at leading universities in the UK, Netherlands and Australia, as well as developing new products and bringing them to market. I have also sat on the project board of the BRE Biophilic Office Research Project. I was also the vice chair of Plants at Work - the trade association for the UK interior landscaping industry.  I have also spoken at several international conferences on workplace management and design.

I grew up in rural Lincolnshire and have a degree in Agricultural Botany from the University of Reading. Before working on workplace design, I spent several years working as a plant breeder and crop protection specialist.

What is important to me:
My local pub, my favourite comedian, Milton Jones, poems by John Betjeman, the film Brassed Off and the String Quintet by Schubert.
Kenneth Freeman workplace wellbeing and design consultant

The 4 Paws

Free Range Team
We can’t have an About Us page without our four precious pooches. Over the course of the pandemic they’ve made us laugh, provided that much needed co-regulation and helped us to de-stress, relax and step away from our desks to go Free Range. They make great listeners too!

Our Values


Listening is an art. We want to understand our clients’ needs, on every level. What are their problems and what do they want to achieve from working with us.


This is something that is earned, and respect underpins every project, with our clients and our Fusionaries.


We live to learn, never standing still, but looking to the future and what we can bring to improve the lives of humans.

To learn more about our WorkFree™ consultancy and assessment, please contact us.

“The only way to do great work is to

love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

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