Fusion Spaces was originally founded by Michael and Jayne Cox, and today brings together a team of specialist technicians, associates and Fusionaries all committed to transforming wellbeing at work.

Michael Cox

With over 20 years’ experience within the technology and audio visual industry, I’ve watched technology not only solve problems but create its own issues.

For over a decade I’ve provided project management and technical consultancy within the F1™ industry. The demanding world of F1™ allows me to be innovative, creative and to solve problems such as poor connectivity and lack of digital privacy.

As the audio visual consultant and co-founder of Fusion Spaces, I provide intelligent sustainable solutions to technological problems. We can supply simplified, integrated solutions, reducing stress and waste, thus increasing productivity, creativity and improving wellbeing at work.

Our vision at Fusion Spaces is to find solutions that are good for people and the planet.

What is important to me:
Nature, environments, seasons, elements, technology, F1™, design, innovation, justice, spontaneity, disruptors, creativity, music/vinyl, free thinking.
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Jayne Cox

I am the principal wellbeing consultant for Fusion Spaces, alongside my private practice of Life Coaching and Stress Management Consultations. I’m passionate about people and helping them to thrive and strive to go free range at work.

During my 20 years in practice I have seen the harmful impact that a poor workspace has on human wellbeing. In my eyes these spaces are treating humans like battery hens, cooped up in human factory farms.

The results? The human animal is burning out in working conditions not fit to sustain human life and wellbeing. Add to this sedentary lifestyle, juggling work, life and relationships, it’s no wonder that stress and anxiety are increasingly the human norm.

My work is all about helping humans go free range with powerful remedies to these issues.

What is important to me:
Creative thinking, problem solving, coaching, walking our dogs in nature, cosy hygge spaces, F1™, film, music, like minds, snow, sunshine, Christmas, nature, neuroscience, writing, people who radiate, our planet and life.
Jayne Cox co-founder of Fusion Spaces

Our Values


Listening is an art. We want to understand our clients’ needs, on every level. What are their problems and what do they want to achieve from working with us.


This is something that is earned, and respect underpins every project, with our clients and our Fusionaries.


We live to learn, never standing still, but looking to the future and what we can bring to improve the lives of those living at work.

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“The only way to do great work is to

love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

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