Powerful and effective forms of visual communication

Digital Signage has wide-reaching applications across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, transport, business and education.

We can supply and install a complete digital signage package, from the platform, hardware, displays and Wellness content.

Financial stock market numbers on the street
Broadway in Manhattan, New York City in the evening.

Digital Wellness content

Alongside our partners, Pixel Artworks, we specialise in providing consultancy and creation of experiential digital wellness content.

This emerging and powerful market is proven to influence and support human behaviour and improve emotional state. Offering an opportunity for the calming and soothing of people in areas of high stress and anxiety.

Carefully curated content can reduce the perception of waiting times in a healthcare setting by around 35% or to distract patients from discomfort, pain, and lower anxiety rates before or during medical procedures.

Experiential wellness signage content is a simple way to communicate your wellness message to large or small groups of people, in a variety of settings. The visual messaging is clear and easily retained and learned. With the right content you can motivate, improve compliant and considerate behaviour or provide a sense of calm comfort and support in highly charged, stressful settings, where physical communication may be difficult, not least the demands on human time.

airport signage

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