People are at the very heart of a business and that is why it is essential for remote home workers to be given the same wellbeing considerations as they would in an office environment.

There is also a duty of care for an employer to look after an employee regardless of where they are working from.

That is why Fusion Spaces has developed the WorkFreeTM assessment method.

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Fusion Spaces home working assessment method

In response to the increase in home working Fusion Spaces has developed an assessment method, WorkFreeTM, helping home based and remote workers, work well.

The assessment is based on three important foundations, which will enable employers and employees to achieve the mutually beneficial goal of healthy, happy and effective work.

  • Assurance.  To enable employers to meet their responsibilities and obligations to ensure that employees have a safe place to work. This includes compliance with legal requirements, and the need to provide the necessary evidence for compliance and benchmarks for continuous improvement.
  • Comfort and quality.  To ensure that home-based workers can set up an effective and comfortable working environment that suits them, and which gives access to a range of professional quality (but domestic scale) products to support and improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Freedom and empowerment.  To ensure that that home-based workers are empowered to manage their work and space.  Employers must respect boundaries of privacy, minimise intrusion into the private space of their employees (physically and digitally), and recognise and respect different domestic and family arrangements without judgement.


If you are a business looking for guidance on this topic please feel free to contact us for further advice or to book an assessment You can also download the WorkFreeTM white paper here.


How can you go FreeRangeTM at work?

At Fusion Spaces we believe that there are ‘five freedoms’ to be considered for human wellbeing at work.

They are:

1. Freedom to express natural behaviour

2. Freedom to access natural light

3. Freedom for acoustic, thermal and environmental comfort

4. Freedom from stress, anxiety and mental suffering

5. Freedom from discomfort

The human animal is much like a laying hen, support their fundamental basic needs, enrich their environment and offer them freedom and they are both happy and productive.

As working from home, hybrid and work from anywhere looks set to be part of the new normal, does your working environment, technology and equipment support you and your employees to work well and with their welfare considered?

Discover our FreeRange™ solutions to help you #WorkFree

Poor Ergonomics

Sedentary Working

Poor Homeworking Setup

Eye Discomfort

Lack of Comfort


Poor tech and connectivity


Lack of Motivation

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