Christmas Together


In this blog post, Amy Cronshaw from Beyond Workplace Consulting reflects on an eventful, but ultimately very fulfilling year.

This year has been filled with many tough days, we all, globally, have suffered a shared experience in a way we never have before. But so much good has come of it!

We have reconnected with lost friends and have had time to spend with our loved ones at home. It gave us the chance to re-evaluate the way we live and to look at what does and doesn’t work for us. It also showed that how we were working was no longer working for us.


The pandemic has forced a positive change in the workforce, providing much-needed flexibility and access to personal software-based technology. It has allowed us, if done right, to achieve a healthier, happier working world.

Starting Beyond Workplace Consulting (BWC) was always a dream of mine. To be able to help people to take care of their employees, creating happier people everywhere, is such a fulfilling job. Plus one un-expected outcome of starting BWC has been the opportunity to work together in partnership with some amazing people.

Old and new friends

From bouncing ideas and strategies back and forth with old colleagues, and new friends, to co-founding a dedicated support network for female entrepreneurs. This year has been full of enriching and engaging experiences facilitated by the video technology we know and love. What could be better when struggling working from home alone, than to connect with those in a similar situation?

I wanted to write this blog as a thank you to everyone who has supported me and the team at Beyond this year. Without the partnerships, friendships and random connections this year could have been rubbish… thankfully, it turned out pretty great 🙂

Have a great Christmas break everyone,


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