The biophilic home office

Biophilic design need not be confined to office buildings and other commercial spaces. The benefits of biophilic design can be obtained in the home office too, and without having to spend a fortune. This post explores the benefits of biophilic ...

Five freedoms for the human animal

At Fusion Spaces we believe that there are ‘five freedoms’ which all humans need in their workplace in order to thrive. In some respects, our wellbeing needs are not too dissimilar to the welfare requirements of battery hens. Animal welfare ...

Next steps for biophilia: Follow the patterns and rhythms of nature

The positive impact of natural elements in the workplace has been well-documented. Reduced stress, reduced blood pressure and lower heart rates, coupled with increased productivity, creativity and self-reported wellbeing are all top of the list benefits of introducing biophilia into ...
Introducing biophilia into the workplace

Biophilia as a sensory experience: 6 simple ways to introduce biophilia into your workplace

Despite our natural affinity with the natural world, we now spend around 90% of our time indoors. Moreover, a study of 1,000 UK office workers found that almost 40% spend a maximum of just 15 minutes outside every day. Connecting ...
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