Digital wellbeing

Not the 9 0’Clock News – Why a high news diet is bad for us

As we are all now connected to the internet in one way or another the world has become a global village. We now hear quickly, and in great detail, as awful situations unfold. The images, the sounds, and the stories ...

Why is multi-tasking damaging our productivity?

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? How many items are on your to-do list for the day? And how many times have you felt the gravitational pull to your numerous social media accounts, or ...

How helpful are wellbeing apps?

How many wellbeing or meditation apps do you have on your phone? Headspace, Calm, Happify, the range of apps available that promote mindfulness and ‘switching off’ are endless. But how useful are these apps in helping us to disconnect and ...
Is it time to disconnect? Discover the pros and cons of digital wellbeing

Time to disconnect?

There has been a lot of noise around digital wellbeing recently. Everyone is asking how much do you use your phone? How long are kids playing on tablets for? Is it bad for us? So, in this blog I’m going ...
Technology to improve employee wellbeing at work

Four really simple ways to boost employee wellbeing at work through technology

If you knew at 18 that you were likely to spend 92,000 hours of your life in an office, or say about a third of your total waking hours over your adult working lifetime, what sort of office environment would ...
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