Going free range at Clerkenwell Design Week

Meet May the Bantum Hen at Clerkenwell Design Week

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with one of our Fusionaries, Frem Group at Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK’s leading independent design festival. On Wednesday 22 May, I will be offering talks focusing on how offices are seen as the battery farm for humans and how organisations can help their employees become ‘free range’ at work.

Frem Group, our wellbeing partner, will be talking about how furniture can assist with health within the workplace and how the psyche of humans is affected by their environment. They will also be offering talks on acoustic comfort and technology in the workplace.

During my sessions at Clerkenwell Design Week attendees will discover that the welfare requirements of hens are not too dissimilar to the wellbeing needs of humans. To help demonstrate that I am delighted to announce that May, the bantam hen, will be joining us to help us go free range.

I will also be discussing the five freedoms of human wellbeing which are:

  • Freedom to express natural behaviour
  • Freedom to access natural light
  • Freedom for acoustic, thermal and environmental comfort
  • Freedom from stress, anxiety and mental suffering
  • Freedom from discomfort

As well as the different ways that organisations can enrich their environment to improve their employee’s wellbeing. I’ll be covering biophilic design, the benefits of good lighting, and stress management.

As it’s a bespoke talk, it can only be offered to a small group of 6-8 people. Make sure you pre-book to guarantee yourself a space and prepare to embrace the #FreeRangeAtWork concept.

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Jayne Cox

Jayne is the wellbeing consultant at Fusion Spaces and provides trauma, stress/anxiety, and personal development coaching alongside the business.

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