Natural light brightens the corridor of forgetfulness


We know how important natural light is on human health and wellbeing at work. With 90% of our time now spent indoors, Fusion Spaces looks for the best in lighting innovation, with our solutions backed by robust research and science

Field Studies Council (FSC) (LINK, Epping forest, is an independent environmental education charity. It provides informative and enjoyable opportunities for all ages and abilities to discover, explore and understand the environment.

The Problem

FSC posed an interesting problem. A dimly lit corridor between classrooms and offices was referred to by the manager and staff as ‘the corridor of forgetfulness.’

Staff commented that, upon arrival at work, they would feel apprehensive with increased levels of anxiety as they walked down this corridor to their offices.

The transition between outdoor and indoor light is now seamless

Interestingly, there was also a cognitive impact on staff members, with many of them mentioning that the journey through this space led to forgetfulness.

Shedding light on the subject

Staff are fortunate to work in a forest setting with nature as a backdrop to their work and day-to-day activities.

The solution needed to reflect their environment and to offer the best possible light, which of course is natural light.

Our solution was to install Solatube daylighting systems. The Solatube system captures natural light and uses integrated reflectors to bring in an amazing amount of natural light throughout the year.

The outcome

This space is now beautifully lit with natural light. Staff and visiting students report how good it is to enter the corridor from the outdoors. The transition between outdoor and indoor light is now seamless.

Staff also made comments about feeling more relaxed upon arrival at work and much happier. One member of staff said this naturally lit space improved her mood and made her smile.

It ticked the sustainability box for FSC too. During its first summer of installation, 2017, the corridor was generally lit using only natural daylight via the Solatube daylighting systems.

The corridor of forgetfulness is now a distant memory.

Posted Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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