Finding your giraffes within the wonderful world of networking


Did you know that sheep and giraffes are both a species of Artiodactyla, cloven hoofed mammals and herbivores?

But much more than that, the ‘giraffes’ in my world are visionaries and see opportunities. Often self-motivated they’ll have ideas and can see far. They can move fast and think fast, they take risks and enjoy helping others to see what they see. They need to preserve their energy and guard against giving too much. Think looking up and not down, maintaining focus and clarity.

Be OK with vulnerability and feeling a misfit sometimes and you’ll find your giraffes.

Giraffes are naturally elegant and graceful, which can lead to envy amongst the ‘sheep’.

Sheep will dismiss their distant cousins’ foresight, but the giraffes’ strength wins through eventually. Leading to success and their longed-for safe haven amongst their own.

Black sheep share the grazing of the flock and enjoy breaking some of the boundaries that are set for them. They don’t fit in with sheep as comfortably, because they think there just might be more. They can mix between sheep and giraffes but are more likely to follow than lead. They can be good giraffe company, as long as the limits are understood. Some black sheep may be future giraffes, once they mature and reduce the number of sheep in their lives.

Sheep maintain that there is no vision, what they see as they move in grazing flocks is all there is. They want giraffes to fit in with this ideal and they have a safety in numbers outlook to life. Not leaders but often led.

The sheep are difficult for giraffes to engage with or spend too much time. These relationships will feel one way, directionless and draining. Think déjà vu!

So, look, listen, open your heart and mind. Be OK with vulnerability and feeling a misfit sometimes and you’ll find your giraffes.

I wrote this with a client in mind, some years ago. I hope you took something positive from this post and if you did, that you will share it with your giraffes.

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Jayne Cox

Having spent 25 years providing eating disorder therapy, trauma and neuroscience informed stress and anxiety coaching, co-founding Fusion Spaces was a natural progression for me. Alongside my wellness consultancy and advisory role here at Fusion Spaces, I bring my lived experience of trauma and run my private practice Breathing Space, coaching clients and delivering a non invasive sound therapy, based upon the Polyvagal Theory, the Safe and Sound Protocol. I feel grateful we are both well and living our best life near the stunningly beautiful Northumberland Coast. I am proud to lead Fusion Spaces wellness consultancy into the future as we push the boundaries of what is possible using technology for good, future gaze and provide thought leadership.

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