Litter picking: Good for mind, body and soul


With so many potential stressors in our busy world it can be hard to just stop and be in the moment. There are a lot of conversations around mindfulness, which is great practise to help us slow down our already cluttered minds.

When it comes to practising mindfulness, you don’t have to be sat cross-legged on the floor meditating, you simply need to be fully engaged with what you are doing in that moment. Knitting, sowing, gardening, and reading can all keep your focus and free your mind of the everyday internal chatter.

Getting outside is also good for you. It allows you to reconnect with nature and enjoy the freedom of movement which is often restricted by being behind a desk. Once outside the damage that we are doing to our planet is plain to see, which is a stress point.

Eco-anxiety has started to impact especially on the younger generations, and it is an area which needs addressing.

Here at Fusion Spaces we’ve decided to tackle all of the above head on! We are hosting a mindful litter picking walk on Friday 20 March to encourage local businesses to get out, get moving and get involved.

Litter picking has the benefits of mindfulness as you are in the moment when you are concentrating on gathering up the litter. You are also outside and moving while doing it and you are doing your bit to help battle climate change at the same time. It really ticks a lot of boxes

If you wish to join us we are meeting at Caldecotte Lake car park on Friday 20 March at 2pm for a 2.30pm start. We will walk, chat and pick up litter, hopefully in the sunshine. If you would like to register to join us, please click here.

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Jayne Cox

Having spent 25 years providing eating disorder therapy, trauma and neuroscience informed stress and anxiety coaching, co-founding Fusion Spaces was a natural progression for me. Alongside my wellness consultancy and advisory role here at Fusion Spaces, I bring my lived experience of trauma and run my private practice Breathing Space, coaching clients and delivering a non invasive sound therapy, based upon the Polyvagal Theory, the Safe and Sound Protocol. I feel grateful we are both well and living our best life near the stunningly beautiful Northumberland Coast. I am proud to lead Fusion Spaces wellness consultancy into the future as we push the boundaries of what is possible using technology for good, future gaze and provide thought leadership.

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