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During our research over the past few months we’ve seen some interesting articles about workplace stress and the part that technology has to play in it. 

Apparently, in research carried out across the UK, US, France and Germany, nine out of ten UK office workers find meeting room technology stressful and we at Fusion Spaces are not surprised. You can read more here.

What’s happening in business terms is that time is being wasted and business can be lost. In human terms this problem is causing regular unnecessary stress and the potential for ill health.

We know you like stats:

  • 60% of workers try to fix the problems themselves
  • 49% call IT/tech support
  • 30% give up and resort to a plan B
  • 15% postpone until the tech issue is fixed
  • 90% prepare for tech failures by preparing handouts etc
  • 44% do a tech rehearsal
  • ¼ of UK office workers have missed deadlines and opportunities like promotion

And finally, 15% said that the tech failures lost the company business.

I don’t think anyone would be surprised that 81% of those taking part in this research wanted meeting room technology to be taken more seriously.

So, when you next step into your meeting room take a moment to consider if this vital space within your business works for you or are you at the mercy of your technology?

What do you think of your meeting rooms?

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Jayne Cox

Having spent 25 years providing eating disorder therapy, trauma and neuroscience informed stress and anxiety coaching, co-founding Fusion Spaces was a natural progression for me. Alongside my wellness consultancy and advisory role here at Fusion Spaces, I bring my lived experience of trauma and run my private practice Breathing Space, coaching clients and delivering a non invasive sound therapy, based upon the Polyvagal Theory, the Safe and Sound Protocol. I feel grateful we are both well and living our best life near the stunningly beautiful Northumberland Coast. I am proud to lead Fusion Spaces wellness consultancy into the future as we push the boundaries of what is possible using technology for good, future gaze and provide thought leadership.

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